Friday, June 22, 2012

Book Review: See You at Harry's by Jo Knowles

Fern's favorite memory involves being 8 and having a fever. Her mother spent the whole day with her reading, and giving Fern all of her attention. With two older siblings, and a family restaurant, it was rare for Fern to have her mother's undivided attention. Now four years later, with new sibling Charlie, her mother and father's attentions are even more divided.

Her father is always looking for the next big way to make the family restaurant successful, while her mother helps and takes meditation breaks when she needs them. Sarah, her older sister, is busy working at the restaurant, making money and being miserable as she didn’t get into the college she wanted to. Holden, her older brother is starting high school and has his own issues to deal with. This leaves Fern with three year old Charlie to watch and her own school issues to deal with.

With Holden starting high school and Fern starting Middle School, things start to change quickly. First there is trouble on the bus, leaving them needing a new way to and from school. Then there is Holden's new friend, who not everyone in the family approves of. Finally, there is something so unexpected that could either bring the family together or tear them apart completely.

Fern is one of those honest and loving characters that you would want as a friend in real life. Even if she is not always happy with her family, she truly loves them. Her friends are loyal to her, as she is to them, helping her when she most needs it. Author Jo Knowles paints a picture of a family, close and together, but each caught up in their own lives that they start to miss the little things.

This book may not be YA, but for those looking for a good book, See You at Harry's should fit the bill. Jo Knowles gives us memorable characters making the best of some bad situations. Make sure you have Kleenex for this one, as there are some really big tear jerker moments. Highly recommended for those of you looking for a good book about family, and maybe those readers on the young side of “YA”.

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