Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Book Review: This is So Not Happening by Kieran Scott

Ally Ryan is ready for a perfect senior year. She is finally together with Jake Graydon, and nothing can ruin this moment for them. Except for the fact that Chloe Appleby is pregnant and Jake is the father. Things were finally getting back to normal for Ally, and now she has to deal with this. Of course, she wants to be the supportive girlfriend. It's not like it happened when she was together with Jake, and she was seeing someone else during the summer too.

But being supportive has its drawbacks. While Jake is off with Chloe at doctor's appointments, and making sure Chloe is okay, Ally is the one who doesn't get to hang out with her boyfriend a lot, and feels like she's in second place. As more people find out about Chloe and Jake, rumors start to swell. Jake is barely hanging on, not being able to concentrate in class, on the field and during the SATs. This one mistake could ruin his future big time, and he doesn't want to lose Ally or hurt Chloe.

Told from both Ally and Jake's point of view, you'll get to see what's going on in the heads of the main two characters of this story. You'll be angry with Jake, feel sad for Ally, and at times just want to knock some sense into both of them. Ally is lucky to have some good friends to help her make sense of things, and support her, especially when Jake isn't there for her.

This is So Not Happening is the third book in the He's So/ She's So Trilogy, so you may want to pick up the first two books before this one. I did even know it was a trilogy, and there were a few things I wish I knew before reading, but Kieran Scott gives readers enough information to figure out the important stuff that happened. If you are looking for a light beach read give this a try. While it deals with a big issue, teen pregnancy, the book is really about relationships between friends, especially boyfriends and girlfriends. Fans of Deb Caletti and Sarah Dessen should check out the He's So/ She's So Trilogy for some light summer reading.

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