Monday, June 25, 2012

Book Review: Underworld by Meg Cabot

SPOILER ALERT:  Underworld is the sequel to Abandon, so watch out for Abandon spoilers ahead!!

When we last left Pierce, her boyfriend John (who also happens to be Lord of the Underworld) had spirited her away rather suddenly to his cavernous home beneath Isla Huesos.  Why?  Because Pierce's grandmother, whose also happens to be a Fury, is trying to kill her, and John is kind of... overprotective.  Which is maybe the world's biggest understatement, but anyway.

Pierce is totally and completely in love with John, but she's really not too sure she's ready to give up her mom, her cousin Alex, her outrageous friend Kayla, and everything else that comes with the world of the living - like flowers, warmth and sunlight.  Hey, she even misses the Florida humidity and hurricanes.  Plus, she's definitely sure she's not ready to live with him.  Forever.  Even if he is totally gorgeous and devoted.  John, however, has decided that the only way to keep his beloved Pierce safe from the Furies is to keep her in the Underworld, by his side - forever.

But when Pierce sees a weird video on her cell phone screen showing her Alex trapped in a coffin, frantic, terrified, and running out of air, she knows she has to head back to Earth to save him.  And who better to help her than the Lord of the Dead?

John is obviously not too interested in helping Pierce back to the world of the living.  He's pretty busy sheparding the dead into the beyond when he's not protecting Pierce from murderous Furies bent on revenge.  Still, despite John's threats and desperate pleas, Pierce is not the kind of girl to sit quietly at home when her cousin's life is in danger, evil grandmother Furies or no evil grandmother Furies.

With the help of John's Underworld crew, her cursed Persephone necklace (the diamond turns from storm cloud gray to furious black when Furies are around), and her new pet mourning dove, Hope, Pierce sets out to rescue Alex.  But with the Furies after her, John's constant overprotective hovering, a looming hurricane, no real idea of where Alex even is, and the fact that John is wanted by the police and the FBI for kidnapping Pierce (which really seems kind of overdramatic to Pierce), finding Alex is going be kind of tricky.  Can Pierce find Alex and convince him to stay out of trouble?  Or will trouble find them first?

The always awesome Meg Cabot of Princess Diaries fame adds her trademark wit and humor to this tropical re-imagining of the Persephone and Hades myth.  Pierce is smart, feisty, and doesn't let brooding boyfriends or killer grandmothers get in the way of what she wants.  A great summer read, make sure you check out Abandon first so you can get the full backstory behind John and Pierce's romance, and then stuff this one in your beach bag!

(who can't decide between some old-school Sarah Dessen and the new Sarah Ockler, Bittersweet, to start the week out right!)

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