Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Cover Reveal for Adaptation by Malinda Lo!

Oooo!  I didn't even know Malinda Lo had a new book coming out, but she revealed the full cover on her blog yesterday, including the jacket copy!!

Conspiracy theories + secret crushes + The Birds?  Yes, please!

For more Adaptation info, check out Malinda's website.  Jacket too small to read?  Full size image here.

Adaption is coming to a library near you on September 18th!  While you're waiting, check out Malinda's previous two novels, Ash, a 2010 Morris award nominee and one of my absolute favorite reads of 2009, and Huntress.

(who just might have to pick up the paperback edition of Huntress - it features a never-before published short story, "The Fox" AND a teaser from Adaptation!)

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