Monday, July 23, 2012

Olympics Trivia Contest Kicks Off Today!

Do you DVR the Olympics so you can fast forward to all the good parts?  The grab our Bronze level Olympics trivia!

Do you spend every moment you're not working, watering the grass, or at soccer practice watching the Olympics in real time?  Our Silver level Olympics level trivia is for you!

Did you buy your ticket to London a year ago, and are currently warming up your discus throwing arm?  Then put our Gold level Olympics trivia in your carry on bag!

We've got three levels of summer Olympics trivia, so come fill out one, two, or all three for your chance to win some 2012 Olympics prizes!  Trivia will be available in the teen space starting today, Monday, July 23rd.  Take it home, fill it out during the commercial breaks (or on that 8 hour flight to London...), and get it back in no later than 9 PM on Monday, August 13th.  We'll draw for prizes on Thursday, August 16th at the Teen Summer Reading Finale.

And while you're here grabbing your trivia, come and check out the display of Summer Olympic sports books in the teen space!

The London Summer Olympic Games start July 27th! Are you excited? We sure are! Until then, get your sports fill @yourlibrary!

Blaine and Megan
(who are both sad we don't have cable so we can't DVR the Olympics to watch after work :( )

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