Saturday, August 11, 2012

Read Queen Victoria's Journals!

Even princesses and queens keep journals!  New this summer for Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee, you no longer have to travel to London to the Bodleian Libraries at Oxford or the British Royal Archives - you can read Queen Victoria's journals online right here in America!  With thirteen surviving in her original handwriting, you can even check out digital images of the originals in the Queen's handwriting - so awesome! 

Queen Victoria also loved to sketch and draw, so there's a whole archive of her journal and sketchbook watercolors and drawings of the people and animals that caught her eye.  If you never leave home without a notebook to jot down your thoughts and ideas, are a history buff or a serious anglophile, or just can't resist diaries and journals, spend your afternoon browsing through the life of England's longest-reigning monarch!

(who has been fascinated by Queen Victoria since I was a kid - this is really spectacularly awesome that this is available not just under glass at the Bodleian!)

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