Monday, August 20, 2012

Teen Summer Reading 2012 Wrap-Up

Some (pretty impressive!) Summer Reading 2012 numbers for y'all...

61... Teens reading!
343... Reading logs turned in!
290,810... Pages read by you guys this summer!
5,816... $ Book Bucks earned!
15... Grand prize gift cards given away!
6... Teen Lit Trivia winners (with perfect scores, I might add!)
1... Olympics Trivia winner (with the truly amazing score of 31 out of 32 correct!)
32... Prize Packs auctioned off with your earned Book Bucks!

So, yup, you guys are pretty much awesome!

A big THANK YOU to everyone who read, logged, and partied with us this summer!  And now, without further ado, the Summer 2012 winners are...

Grand Prize $20 Gift Card Winners
Drawn for at the Summer Reading Finale on Thursday, the 2012 Summer Reading Winners are...
Iliana C.
Esther C.
Naomi C.
Kaitlyn C.
Ashley D.
Sarah E.
Kaci E.
William F.
Andrea G.
Lonnae H.
William H.
Katie L.
Sierra M.
Michelle S.
Victoria S.

Olympics Trivia Gold Medalist
With 31 of 32 possible correct answers on the bronze, silver and gold medal trivia, a big shout-out goes to...
Elizabeth H.

Teen Lit Trivia & Mad Libs
A bunch of you guys entered the trivia & Mad Libs contest that ran all summer!  We drew six names from those of you who had all the trivia correct, and those six winners were...
Melinda D.
Elizabeth H.
Lonnae H.
Lucas K.
Beth S.
Nathan W.

We'll be back next summer - but until then, look for our Fall Teen Programming line-up - including our annual fall Super Smash Bros. Brawl Wii tournament, the release party for the final Twilight film on November 15th, and a December Craft Night!