Monday, October 22, 2012

And The Winners Are...

A big shout-out to all you guys who came out for the Fall 2012 SSB Brawl Wii Tournament on Saturday!  There were some pretty intense matches and a whole lot of sudden death, but in the end, only three could go home with the titles.  So, without further ado, congrats to...

Our Champion and winner of the grand prize of $25 to Game Stop, and who rocked his double duel for the title... Mason O.!

First runner-up and winner of $15 to Game Stop, Joseph M.!

And second runner-up and winner of $10 to Game Stop, Dylan K.!

You guys were awesome - this was one of the most fun tournaments to watch in the five years we've been hosting them, so thanks for some seriously innovative gaming!  I don't think I've seen Kirby cook so many of his opponents, ever.

That's it for Wii for the year, but check back in after the New Year - we'll be hosting some Open Plays to get you ready for the 2013 spring tourney!


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