Thursday, December 13, 2012

Book Review: Stupid Fast by Goeff Herbach

Felton Reinstein has a lot to worry about. First off, his best and possibly only friend, Gus, is moving to Venezuela for the summer. Second there is Jerri. Most other kids would call her "mom" but she prefers that Felton and his younger brother call her Jerri. She would like Felton to "re-engage", which basically means to do more than eat and sleep all the time. It also means that Felton has to take over Gus's paper route for the summer.

Of course, things have never been normal for Felton. There is the fact that his father committed suicide when he was 5. There is the fact that starting in November of his sophomore year in high school he started growing. Not just taller (there was that) but also growing hair all over, and in places he never thought it possible to grow hair. Plus he found out he was fast. Not just fast for his school or fast for being 15 but really fast. He joined the varsity track team mid season, and even went to regional where the competition finally got to him.

Now it's summer, and a new girl has moved into Gus's house, and she is beautiful and the best piano player ever. Felton is practicing with the football team, but he's not even sure he knows how to play football. And Jerri has gone off the deep end, leaving him and his brother to fend for themselves. Felton feels he has no one to turn to.

Felton tells his story of the summer in the fall, and without giving too much away, there is a really good reason he can't sleep on this night. Funny, honest and a bit brutal, this is one of those laugh till you cry, and then just cry stories. Fans of sports stories with a bit of family drama are going to love Stupid Fast by Geoff Herbach.

Bonus: This title is available on Freading, which is our new source for eBooks. It's open to West Allis residents at this time, and all books on Freading are available for check out when you want to read them. No waitlists, no coming to the library, it's all there at your fingertips!
I'll see you @ the library!
Katie (Now reading Nothing Special, the sequl to Stupid Fast easily downloaded to my iPhone right after I paid my library fines!)

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