Saturday, December 22, 2012

Book Review: Time Between Us by Tamara Ireland Stone

When Anna first sees the cute, shaggy haired boy in the Northwestern track bleachers watching her run at sunrise, she is a little creeped out - until he smiles this crazy awesome smile at her, like he knows her.  But when Anna turns to smile back at him, he's gone.  Like, disappeared gone.  And when she goes up to investigate, her footprints are the only ones in the snow.

So when Anna first lays eyes on the new boy in school, Bennett, she knows it's totally the guy from the track that morning.  So why is he acting like he's never seen her before?  And claiming to have never even been to the track at Northwestern, much less been there that morning?

For Anna, it's Chicago, 1995. The only concert she's ever been to is Pearl Jam, and she longs to travel the world more than anything. There's nothing Anna would like more than to put more pins in the world map her dad gave her to document where she's been.

For Bennett, it's San Francisco, 2012. He's been to hundreds of concerts in every city in the world with his sister, Brooke, and he can travel anywhere he wants to - and to anywhen.  Bennett is a time traveler.  He can time jump anywhere, at any time - as a long as it's within his lifetime.  He can also take anyone with him, as long as they're holding hands - which is how Bennett lost his sister at the Pearl Jam concert in Chicago, and why he's in 1995 looking for her.  He never meant to meet Anna, and he certainly never meant to fall in love with her.

Anna doesn't know how much time she and Bennett have together, but she knows she wants to savor every magical moment.  And the more time she spends with him, the more she knows she can't lose him.  But in 1995, the now Bennett is a baby - and in 2012, the now Anna is a 30-year-old woman.  How can they hope for a future together when seventeen years separate them?

This sweet romance with a time travel twist is just the thing to read with over a peppermint mocha while you're taking a break from shopping, baking, and studying for finals.  For anyone who's ever longed to travel to exotic locations (especially after a winter snowstorm!) or dreamed of finding the perfect music-loving boy to travel the world with, this fun, quick read is the perfect book to curl up with this winter break!

(who can't wait to dive into Throne of Glass over my long holiday weekend - as soon as I finish wrapping my sisters' gifts...)

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