Saturday, January 12, 2013

Book Review: Drama by Raina Telgemeier

Callie loves being stage crew for theater, especially since friends Liz and Matt are on crew too.  So what if long-term crush Greg finally kissed her - and then totally blew her off to get back together with his girlfriend Bonnie?  She's got the spring musical to prep for, and this year, Callie's got the rocking awesome job of head set designer.

When super-cute and super-talented twins Justin and Jesse join the musical, Justin on stage and Jesse on crew, things start looking up.  Even though Justin is bummed not to get the male lead, and horrible Bonnie is cast as the female lead, Maybelle, Callie decides everything's cool as long as she gets to hang with her friends and do stage stuff.

But what would middle school drama be without a little, well, drama?  Backstage crushes, friend trouble, trying to balance friends, school and the musical, school dance disappointment, Bonnie's mean girl act, and serious problems getting the confetti cannon to work (and Callie knows the finale will NOT work without some serious bang) all combine to make Callie wonder just what she's gotten herself into.  Even when some unexpected crazy goes down on opening weekend, the show must go on - and Callie's just the girl to make it happen!

Feisty, fun, funky, and totally in love with theater, you'll love to cheer for Callie as she figures out life on and off the stage - and a confetti cannon - in this fun graphic novel from the author of the fabulous Smile.  Her friends rock, even when they go a bit drama queen, and you'll love how this innovative girl pulls it all together to make it the best musical ever.  For drama nerds, art fiends and band and choir geeks everywhere, spend an afternoon with some smile-worthy Drama!

(who is almost done with Pushing the Limits by Katie McGarry!)

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