Monday, January 14, 2013

Book Review: The False Prince by Jennifer A. Nielsen

Taken from his home at Mrs. Turbeldy's Home for Disadvantaged Boys, Sage is now one of four boys fighting for his life and a part in the plan of the dubious Master Conner.

The plan is simple enough, each of these boys is about the age, and close to the appearance of the missing prince of Carthya. They will take lessons and compete against each other to play the role of the missing prince, with Conner as their supporter. The others will be dismissed, and Sage is certain this means death. The choice is simple, Sage must convince Master Conner that he is the one best suited to be the prince. Two of his competitors have a much better chance of being chosen. Tobias is much closer to a gentleman, but his own ambitions are not kept as secret as they should be. Roden may need more training, but his skills as a figher make him stand out. Sage may not have all the qualifications of a prince, but his attitude and swagger make him the most likely to fool the court.

Now that the boys are in a competition for survival, the proof that they will both act in a royal manner, as well as take instruction and advice from Conner is what will keep them alive. Carthya is on the verge of war with neighboring countries, and the royal family is missing, if not dead. The appearance of the lost prince is the best chance Carthya has for the future, and Sage knows he has to win this competition.

The False Prince is a great read for those middle school readers looking for an adventure with a bit of mystery. Smart readers will pick up clues along the story, and the ending will leave you gasping and waiting for the sequel (The Runaway King out in March!). While this book is found up in the Children's Room, there's fans of books like the Hunger Games or Seraphina should check this book out!

I'll see you @ the library!
Katie (Now reading The Name of the Star by Maureen Johnson. Super creepy, and the next book in the series is out soon!)

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