Thursday, February 7, 2013

Free Preview of Clockwork Princess!

Do you have a smartphone or an iPad?  Do you love Tessa, Will and Jem with every bit of your shadowhunting soul?  Then download Cassandra Clare's Shadowhunters app!

In addition to photos, videos, all the news from Cassandra Clare's Tumblr, info about upcoming events, movie info (lack of snow isn't the only reason I want it to be August!), and links to The Mortal Instruments on Facebook and Twitter, you can exclusively read the prologue of Clockwork Princess.  Hello YES.

Read more about Clockwork Princess on Cassandra Clare's website!

The wait is almost over - Clockwork Princess is coming to a library near you on March 13th!

(still not sure if I'm Team Jem or Team Will... but you never know what kind of havoc Cassandra Clare is going to wreak on your heart when you're reading!)

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