Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Free YA Audio Books from SYNC!

SYNC is back again this summer! That means 12 YA and 12 classic FREE audio books! Every week starting May 30th you can download one current YA titles and one classic title to listen to.

Why should you SYNC? Why not! It's a FREE way to find out some awesome new books, and maybe even listen to something you have to read for school.

Check out the titles here, and watch the schedule for the week your books are up. Oh, and FYI audio books can be counted for summer reading pages! Just look at the number of pages the book you listened to has, and use those on your reading log! If you listen to the Raven Boys (June 13th-19th) you would have 409 pages towards a reading log!

So free audio books, plus pages you can count towards summer reading? That's a win win! Check out the complete list of books and the days they are available here:

I'll see you @ the library!
Katie (Looking forward to listening to Carter Finally Gets It and Grave Mercy this summer!)

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