Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Book Review: The Art of Wishing by Lindsay Ribar

Margo only wants one thing: the role of Mrs. Lovett in the school production of Sweeney Todd. She's the best person for the role, she has the voice, she's worked for this, and she's a senior. So when Vicky Willoughbee a sophomore with a questionable voice and a lack of stage presence lands the lead role in the musical, Margo doesn't know what to think. Most people think this is great news, but Margo thinks this is some kind of mistake or joke.

Then there is new kid Oliver, a yearbook photographer who always seems to be around play practice.  Margo finds a ring in the girls bathroom, and shortly after she puts the ring in her pocket Oliver shows up thinking she's Vicky. Margo is suspicious, and Oliver wants to explain everything, but it's complicated. When the drama teacher knocks on the bathroom door, Oliver disappears.

Long story short, Oliver is really a genie. Vicky had the ring before Margo, and when her wishes didn't turn out the way she expected, she quickly tried to get rid of it. Now Margo has to make three wishes, quickly, so that Oliver can hide from the big bad that is out to get him. Making matters worse? Margo likes Oliver, and Oliver really likes Margo. Can they ever really be together?

The Art of Wishing is a paranormal romance like any other. Margo really has her doubts about falling for a supernatural guy, and she alludes to other Young Adult books that may have more sparkly plots. Oliver really enjoys being a genie, and granting wishes, especially the right kind of wishes. With good friends, a realistic school setting and of course a bad guy who will stop at nothing to get to Oliver, it's hard not to root for Margo.

If you are looking for a light supernatural book with it's feet pretty grounded in reality, The Art of Wishing is a fun read for the summer!

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