Monday, October 28, 2013

Book Review: Cherry Money Baby

Cherry Kerrigan never knew life outside her small town of Aubrey, and she never wanted anything outside of this life either. A senior in high school, with little ambition to do more than work at the Burrito Barn and marry the boy next door, life is simple. Sure things are tight at home with her dad and brother in their small trailer, but it's theirs and it's home.

Things quickly change when she saves the life of actress Ardelia Deen, who is in Aubrey filming a movie. From nothing to something overnight, Cherry finds herself with instant Internet fame, and later a strange friendship with Ardelia. It's this friendship that changes things. With extravagant gifts like Alfa Romero (for non-car people a fancy sports car) and a job that pays twice what the Burrito Barn, Cherry finds out just how greener the grass is on the other side.

While wealth and stuff gives Cherry a new point of view, she starts to question things. Parties with Ardelia get her in trouble at home and at school. Ardelia's co-star is Hollywood hottie Maxwell Silver who seems to have a things for Cherry, and while Cherry isn't tempted her relationship with Lucas, the boy next door boyfriend/ best friend, is strained. Will Cherry find a new better life and give Ardelia everything she wants, or will she be able to return to her normal life in Aubry?

Kin to Matthew Quick's Amber Appleton from Sort of Like a Rockstar, Cherry Kerrigan is one of those upbeat, friendly, no-nonsense girls that you can't help but want to be friends with. While her life isn't perfect, she makes the best of what ever situation she is in , and even when she sees what she is missing, she still values what she had.

Fans of realistic fiction with a bit of an edge, or stories of change of fortune will want to check out John M. Cusick's Cherry Money Baby!

I'll see you @ the library!
Katie (For real now reading Eleanor & many times have I said I've been reading it here?)

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