Friday, October 4, 2013

Book Review: Wise Young Fool by Sean Beaudoin

Ritchie Sudden is in juvie for 90. He's 18 and supposed to write a diary about why and how he ended up in the center. Of course life in the center isn't easy or comfortable. But if writing is his ticket out, he'll keep his head down and write.

Ritchie's story starts with his best friend Elliot Hella, and their last chance to do something in their small town. Elliot knows they can win Rock Scene 2013, a spot on the TV show Rock Godz, and instant fame and notoriety (plus an awesome behind the music episode, coming sometime post heyday). Of course if it was just about two small town friends shooting for rock glory, Ritchie wouldn't be in juvie.

The story is about Beth, Ritchie's sister who is no longer with them, and how Dad Sudden who took off for a new wife and a new family shortly after. It's about how Looper (she hates to be called that) moved in with his mom shortly after, and how Ravenna Woods might be interested in Richie, and somehow Lacy Duplais might be in to him, but Ritchie doesn't always notice her.

It's funny, because the cool teacher that everyone likes might just be a big phony like his nickname, and Ritchie has to pretend he doesn’t know. And what's really funny is how all these events come together and create something bigger than a normal high school experience.

Wise Young Fool is one of those crazy stick with it books, because while the road may be long and strange, it's sure worth the trip. The journal entries, and events from juvie and interspersed between flashbacks to what happened to land our fine young Ritchie in there, and as both stories come together you won't want to put this book down.

If you've read Heavy Metal and You, King Dork or My Favorite Band Does Not Exist, get this book immediately. If you haven't read those books but have a band that needs a lead singer, drummer and/ or a name, get this book too.

I'll see you @ the library!

Katie (Now reading Forgive Me Leonard Peacock)

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