Monday, December 30, 2013

Book Review: Orleans by Sherri L. Smith

First came the storms. Each storm more destructive than the one before the last. Then there was the fever, horrible, life threatening and with no cure. When they couldn't contain the fever there came the quarantine, and then the walls went up. Soon the Gulf states were on their own, separated from the Outer States of American, left to die off. However, Orleans still stands. Now it's the year 2056, and Fen is on the run.

O positive by tribe, Fen is on the run after her tribe is attacked by the ABs. Her Chieftain, Lydia goes into early labor, and passes, leaving Fen tribe-less and with a baby. With no tribe Fen has to take care of herself, and fulfill her last promise to Lydia, that she will take care of the baby. Her only hope are friends from her past who might be able to take her baby outside the walls to the Outer States, and to a better life.

Then there's Daniel, a researcher from the Outer States searching for a cure for Delta Fever, the disease that took his brother. Now he must sneak into Orleans hoping to find information that will help him with the cure he is so close to finding. His information may be out of date on the city, and navigating what he assumes to be a dying city becomes a challenge. Not only is there life in the city, his own life is at risk, and he has something that could wipe out not only the population of Orleans, but anyone who carries Delta Fever.

When Fen and Daniel meet up, it's not easy. Fen wants nothing more to get out of the city Daniel needs to make his way into. But Fen knows Orleans, and she can get Daniel to where he needs to go. Daniel is from outside the city, and he may be Fen's only hope to get the baby to the Outer States. In a city run by tribes,

Fans of Dystopian adventure will not want to miss OrleansOrleans is a page turner that will keep you reading. Fen is self assured and focused on survival. Daniel may be a bit more naive, however his drive to cure the disease, and his connection to the Outer States makes him an asset.

If you enjoyed Shipbreaker, or are just looking for something to read after the Hunger Games, Orleans by Sherri L. Smith is a good place to start! And it's a MCTBA book, so if you really like this title you can vote for it to win the 2014 award!

I'll see you @ the library!
Katie (Now reading If You Find Me, another MCTBA nominee!)

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