Friday, January 17, 2014

Book Review: If You Find Me by Emily Murdoch

Carey and her younger sister have lived in the woods for over ten years. Sure it's cold, and they get hungry. But they are safe, and they have each other. Mama's been gone for five weeks now, the longest she's ever gone with out coming back with supplies, food and to check on the girls. It's then that a man and a woman come looking for the girls, with a note from Mama saying that she can't take care of them any more, and she's giving them to the state. And the state is giving them back to Carey's father.

Years in the woods have not prepared the girls for civilization. Jenessa hasn't spoken in over a year, and the girls aren't used to the amenities most people take for granted. Their first night in the hotel is the first time Jenessa sleeps in a real bed, and their introduction to real food comes as a surprise. However, they are welcome into Carey's father's new family, complete with new stepsister, only a year older than Carey.

New clothes, new rooms, and a new live seems too good to be true, and Mama taught Carey that nothing comes for free. The noise of malls, school and other people can be too much, especially when you feel like a freak girl from the woods. And then there is Jenessa, smart, but choosing to be mute to protect her sister. Carey is still haunted by the past, and unable to accept the riches now provided for her. It's her love for Jenessa that keeps her going, even if she knows all these good things might soon come to an end.

If You Find Me is a tragic story of two girls taken away from the world by a parent who was not quite right. Carey is both mature for her 14 years, as well as naive and miseducated about how the world works. The flashbacks to what Carey and Jenessa had to live through can be tough, but knowing they are safe and taken care of now make this a page-turning book not to miss.

I'll see you @ the library!
Katie (Finally reading Allegiant!)

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