Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Book Review: Yaqui Delgado Wants to Kick Your Ass by Meg Medina

"Yaqui Delgado wants to kick your ass." is what a girl named Vanesa tells Piddy Sanchez only weeks after she has started her new school. While it is disturbing to know that there is someone out there who wants to beat her up, Piddy is confused. Who is Yaqui? And why does she want to hurt Piddy?

It starts with the threat, and escalates. First a carton of milk thrown at her. Then she is assaulted in the hallway. Piddy fears going to school, knowing if she tells anyone about what is going on things will only get worse. Things used to be easier for Piddy. At her old school, she had friends and did well in her classes. Only 5 weeks into her time at Daniel Jones High and she knows things are different here. The kids are different, and with very few friends Piddy isn't sure what to do about Yaqui.

Things at home are different too. Her mother quickly moved them out of the old apartment after the stairway collapsed, which was good, but it has taken Piddy away from the world she loved. Plus her best friend Mitzi moved away from Queens to a world where she plays badminton and doesn't have time for Piddy. With her mother busy at work, and still secretive about her father, and Piddy far from her mother's friend (and her honorary aunt) Lila, there is really no one to talk to about her troubles at the new school.

Gritty and realistic, Yaqui Delgado is one of those books that would make an excellent book discussion. The title might come across as a bit vulgar, however it gets the message across. Piddy is a smart girl thrown into a situation that makes her react to a changing world she does not control. Even though her mother is around, her work schedule keeps her away long enough for Piddy to hide the truth of what she is going through.

Fans of books by Jennifer Brown (The Hate List) and Courtney Summers (Some Girls Are) will want to check out Yaqui Delgado.

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