Friday, March 14, 2014

Book Review: Dark Triumph by Robin LaFevers

Lady Sybella is returned to the home of D'Albret after her time spent at the convent of Saint Mortain at the will of the Abbess. A trained assassin, and handmaiden of Death, her role is simple, to be a force on the inside of the man who is trying to marry the Duchess Anne by force. And of course to kill D'Albret himself, the man responsible for lady Sybella's years of pain and torture.

With her own life in danger everyday, and D'Albret and his men sniffing out the traitor they know is on the inside, Sybella is torn: does she stay and carry out the will of Mortian, as told to her by the Abbess, or run for her safety? Soon, an opportunity arises. She is to break a prisoner free from the dungeons, and send him to the Duchess who is holding in Rennes.

Her prisoner is ill, and gravely wounded. He's also a large lumbering knight known as the Beast of Waroch due to his success in battle against many other opponents. With the Beast so damaged, and with no other help than his own jailer, the three of them make their way to the Duchess. Not knowing who is loyal to D'Albret, the Duchess or the French makes their journey even more dangerous. And Lady Sybella has secrets that she fears will drive Beast away from her, and question her loyalty.

Dark Triumph is the next book in His Fair Assassin series by Robin LaFevers, and I'm itching to pick up book one again. Not having read it there are a few questions I have, but much like the Lady Sybella herself, Dark Triumph stands alone. Her loyalty to those she loves drives her to survive, or at least allow them to survive, and in spite of all of the horrible things that have happened to her she is strong and resilient.

Oh and that Beast? Well, let's just say he might be a beast in battle, but Sybella can sees how he inspires and builds up men. And he sees something in Sybella she can't even see in herself. Fans looking for a dark, historical fantasy will not want to miss this series, and book three, Mortal Heart, comes out later this fall!

I'll see you @ the library!
Katie (Now reading Scowler)

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