Friday, March 28, 2014

Book Review: Goodbye, Rebel Blue by Shelley Coriell

Rebecca, Rebel, Blue has never been involved in things at school or in her life. Sure, she has Macy the girl she is always in detention with, and there is her aunt, uncle and cousin that she lives with, but these are just people in her life. Rebel prefers wide open spaces, her toes in the sand, and misses the nomadic life she used to have with her mom.

It's in detention that she is paired off with Kennedy Green, a blonde ponytail type who is involved in every school activity imaginable. Passionate, friendly and undeniably annoying for Rebel, Kennedy takes a detention assignment to create a bucket list seriously, and forces Rebel to talk. Quickly two bucket lists are created, and tossed away when they are free to go.

The next day at school, Rebel is faced with the news that Kennedy Green died in a car accident. Her mind quickly goes to the bucket list that meant a lot to Kennedy, and she goes back to get it, with the help of Kennedy's friend Nate, a jock and the kind of guy who usually doesn't notice a girl like Rebel. Every attempt to rid herself of Kennedy's bucket list fails, and Rebel is faced with the fact that perhaps she is supposed to finish the list for Kennedy.

The list is full of do-good, feel good family (and friend) activities that feel foreign to Rebel. Rescuing turtles, becoming a member of the 100 club and doing random acts of kindness are some of the activities she has to do.  Most people think she's on drugs (she's not) or trying to scam them (also no). She just wants to make her own peace with Kennedy. Of course, Nate is there to help her. While she may not be his usual type, there is something that draws the two of them to each other. Just when things start to get too good, Rebel realizes that she can't live her life like Kennedy, and she pushes Nate and her other friends away.

Goodbye, Rebel Blue is a quick read that will make you smile and cry those goofy feel good tears. With there is a bit of romance and drama, it is a comparable read to Wendy Wunder's Probability of Miracles and books by Sarah Dessen. This was the perfect read after Scowler, as the light balanced the dark perfectly!

I'll see you @ the library!
Katie (Now reading The Dream Thieves!)

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