Monday, March 24, 2014

Book Review; Scowler by Daniel Kraus

It's been nine long years since Marvin Burke has been locked away for crimes against his family. His family is still there on the farm, with the farm slowly dying and no one wanting to buy the lifeless land. 19-year-old Ry and his mother and sister still live there, all trying to make it work, with the hope of getting away soon.

Ry knows there are other farms where he could get paid to do the same work, or even colleges where he could learn more and try to make a better life. But he is still on that farm. Still doing that work, and trying to keep his family together.

It's the night of a meteor shower when everything changes. First, there is the visitor, a man who recently walked away from the same prison where Marvin is being held. Then came Marvin. Then came the meteor.

Marvin's appearance brings Ry's past firmly in the present, and three old friends long thought gone, appear to help Ry, just like they did the last time. With his mom and sister's lives on the line, this may be the last chance to escape the man who kept them captive to the farm and their past.

This is one creepy book. If you like your horror on the grisly side with extra gore, Scowler should be added to your must read list. Lines of reality, imagination and straight out crazy get blurred. The psychological damage that one man was able to put on one family is horrifying, and you will stay up late hoping nothing like this ever happens to you. For an extra creepy factor try the audio version. And be sure to leave the night light on...

I'll see you @ the library!
Katie (Seriously needing a light happy book...when does Isla and the Happily Ever After come out?)

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