Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Divergent Faction Event: Thursday, March 20th 7PM

Two days until we celebrate all things Divergent with our Faction Night! Come dressed up as a member of your faction, get sorted into your new faction, and do one of 5 activities based on the five factions.

Not sure what to wear to be part of your faction? Here are some fashion tips for those not sure how to dress the part.

Amity (the peaceful): Yellow and red comfortable clothing is the name of the game in Amity. A red t-shirt or yellow polo with comfy pants would look the part. 

Abnegation (the selfless): Only grey simple clothing will do for Abnegation. Got grey sweats? Or even better a slouchy sweater with a pair of grey jeans will show that you are one of the selfless.

Candor (the honest): Black and white, just like the truth, are the only colors allowed in Candor. Who doesn't have black pants and a white shirt, or mix them up with a bold black and white pattern.

Erudite (the intelligent): Blue has calming properties and will stimulate the brain, so all members of Erudite must wear something blue at all times. You may also want to don your glasses to show just how smart you are (even if you don't really need them).

Dauntless (the brave): All black, tattoos, piercings and crazy hair. Yep, these are the folks your parents told you to stay away from (unless they were Dauntless themselves, right?). Show your Dauntless side with temporary tattoos, temporary hair color and what ever cool black clothes you have.  

So no matter what faction you are, come on Thursday night! We'll have you take an aptitude test, make sure you show your faction colors and maybe even win a prize!

I'll see you @ the library!
Katie (Needs to test again, but last time I was a Divergent Amity or Erudite!)

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