Thursday, April 3, 2014

Upcoming Event: Fan-damonium! April 15th 7 PM

You love many fictional worlds, whether they are TV shows, books movies or a weird combination of all three (I'm looking at you Veronica Mars). There is no way we could celebrate them all on their own, so lets celebrate them together!

That's right, whether you are still working on that perfect ending for Harry Potter or pretending Breaking Dawn never happened or if you are dying for the next season of Sherlock or catching up on My Little Pony on YouTube.  This event is for those fans who love everything, or just a few things.

What will we do? Well, first off come dressed up as we will have a costume contest! Winner takes home a prize! Then there will be random book, movie and TV trivia that will celebrate all things pop culture (and fandom based). Finally, there will be some kind of FanFiction, because there is no better way to celebrate these fictional worlds than to play around in them!

Oh when is it? April 15th from 7-8:30 PM in the library constitution room. No registration required, and open to teens ages 12-18 or students in grades 6-12 living in Milwaukee County!

I'll see you @ the library!
Katie (Who may have to dig out her old Hogwarts uniform...)

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