Thursday, May 15, 2014

Book Review: This Song Will Save Your Live by Leila Sales

If there were an award for being unpopular, Elise Dembowski would most likely win. Even when she tries to figure out what makes people popular as a summer project, she fails. When her attempt to reach out to a fellow classmate ends with her being rushed to the hospital, Elise decides to try to fade away for a bit.

Splitting time between her dad, and her mom and mom's new family, Elise takes to walking at night after everyone is asleep. Here she can listen to her music and clear her head. Seven months after the event, she finds her self walking, and late at night two girls watching her. The two girls try to help her by leading her to the world's greatest underground dance party.

It's here that Elise starts to feel something. With new friends Vicky and Mel, she starts to see another world outside of the closed community of her high school. Her nights were once wandering and now they have a purpose, to go to Start, get lost in the music and even spin thanks to (cute) DJ Char. When she's DJing, Elise feels the crowd and tries to anticipate what will keep them on the dance floor. She's caught the attention of some pretty important people as well.

While her after hours life is flourishing, her school and home life starts to suffer. It doesn't take long before the two worlds collide, and Elise finds her self in a lot of trouble, and with a lot of explaining to do. Will her parents understand what she really wants and how being a DJ makes her feel? Or will she be stuck at home for the rest of her life?

If you've ever felt friendless or without a place you fit in, This Song Will Save Your Life is the book for you. Author Leila Sales does not shy away from topics like attempted suicide, bullying and yes a bit of deviant teenage behavior. Elise is the kind of character you wish you could take out for coffee and tell her it will be okay. Fans of realistic fiction with a bit of an edge will want to check out this title.

I'll see you @ the library!
Katie (Suffering some serious "What to read next?" after finished Dreams of Gods and Monsters, oh Karou!)

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