Monday, June 23, 2014

Summer Reading for eReaders and Audio Books

Are you Summer Reading yet? Are you not joining in because you typically use your eReader or listen to audio books and we count page numbers? Don't be worried- even if you use an eReader or listen to books, you can still count the pages!

How you may ask? Find out how many pages the book has and use that number! So if you listened to Divergent on the way to summer camp, that's 487 pages right there. Read The Fault in Our Stars on your eReader? 318 pages logged for you.

Use the library catalog to find page number by going to and looking up your title. The page numbers will be under all the available copies under the "description" of the book. If you have question, just let one of the reference librarians know. We'll help you figure it out!

So keep reading, listening or eReading, and I'll see you @ the library!

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