Thursday, March 12, 2015

Book Review: Reality Boy by A.S. King

You may know Gerald from that one nanny show on TV. He was the one with two older sisters who started pooping all the time. He was the one who people still call "The Crapper" even though this happened when he was 5, and now he's a junior in high school. You may think you know Gerald, but in reality, you know nothing.

Gerald is now almost 17, and ready for whatever is next. That might be jail, or worse due to his anger issues. He has a job that helps keep him normal, and out of his house, especially now that Lisi is gone. His mom tries, however she is blind to the state of her family. His dad may notice it but refuses to disagree with his mom. The main issue is Tasha, back at home at 21 with her interesting boyfriend getting away with things that would not fly for Gerald. With Tasha at home, Lisi won't come home. And with Tasha at home everyone has to be careful.

All those old episodes that define him didn't show the whole story. And when you know the whole story, it might not be Gerald you are disappointed in.

In flashbacks between filming when he was  younger, and his life now, slowly the reality of reality TV starts to take shape. The past really defines his life, and as he comes to terms with what happens, he is also able to move forward.  With the support of the girl who works register #1 at his job, and some other unusual friends, Gerald is able to separate the present from the past, and maybe move to a new future.

If you've ever watched reality TV and wondered how real is this, Reality Boy is a must read. A.S. King never shies from conversational subjects, and Reality Boy deals with a truly troubled family. Readers who enjoy realistic fiction that is gritty and not shy of reality, will enjoy this engrossing read.

I'll see you @ the library!
Katie H.

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