Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Book Review: Say What You Will by Cammie McGovern

Matthew is surprised when Amy contacts him about being a peer helper. He always noticed Amy, the way she was so much like other girls, but still not a kid. Surrounded by adult helpers, she was smart and protected. She may have drooled, used a computer to help her talk, and didn't always have control over her body, but she wasn't a freak the way people made her seem.

Amy liked Matthew after he challenged an essay she wrote last year. Now a senior and getting classmates to be her aides, she wants Matthew. He's not the honor student type her mother wants, but he's someone she noticed. He hopes she doesn't notice everything about him, and somehow when he's with Amy he doesn't think about the number of times he has to wash his hands, or tap certain walls. He likes to think about her.

When their senior year begins, Matthew and Amy both start looking forward to the days he helps Amy. It's just between classes, and at lunch, but there is something more to their relationship than Matthew just being a helper. He sees Amy for who she really is, and Amy is able to see past what Matthew thinks he is hiding. It's in these quiet moments that for both Matthew and Amy the impossible starts to become possible.

Could Amy have a real friendship if not relationship? Is Matthew able to overcome his own obstacles to be in that kind of messy relationship?

Say What You Will forces two teens to be friends and gives them each a voice they never had. Amy's story will break your heart, and Matthew will make you really give people second chances. Fans of realistic books that don't shy away from real issues will like this book.

I'll see you @ the library!
Katie H.

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