Thursday, August 20, 2015

Fun Stuff

The Prize Auction is complete! (Keep reading though! I'll tell you why on Monday!) Here are some fun things to keep you entertained this weekend:

How much Harry Potter do you know? Can you name (and type) the names of all 7 books in 30 seconds or less? What about naming the 50 most mentioned characters in the books?

Because we can't not post about John Green, check out this awesome clip of him and Nat Wolff showing off just how well they know each other. There is also the Nerdfighter Census, which may still be online if you are inclined to take such a survey.
Love this Palette!

Looking to redecorate? Whether it's for a dorm room, or your house check out Epic Read's color palettes inspired by books! I would totally paint my room like the dresses from Kiera Cass's series!

I'll see you @ the library!
Katie (Just read Dumplin' and the Lumberjanes! Check back next week for reviews!)

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