Monday, August 3, 2015

Things I Can't Believe I Missed...

Happy Monday!

We are in the final month of Summer Reading! There is still time to pick up reading logs and book review forms, and turn them in to get awesome coupons and enter to win prizes!

Paper Towns (the movie) came out over a week ago, and I still have to see it, but I can't wait (rumors of a John Green and Ansel Elgert cameos can not be confirmed.)  If you loved Paper Towns, and want something to read next check out this Buzzfeed list. Wondering if you are more Margo or Hazel? Take another quiz! 

I missed Harry Potter's Birthday! For those of us who still love the books, check out some awesome birthday cakes based on the books, or challenge yourself with a match the quote to the book quiz.

And for those of you looking for some book suggestions to fill in the void before school starts, check out another awesome list from Epic Reads, where they give you suggestions based on your astrological sign. Even if you think it's all a joke, there are some good books to check out!

I'll see you @ the library!

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