Thursday, December 3, 2015

A Star Wars Celebration!

What are you doing December 18th? If you answered "Going to see the Force Awakens", then here's what you will be doing December 10th, celebrating all things Star Wars @ the library!

Starting at 6:30 PM we are opening the Library Constitution Room and it will be filled with Star Wars things to do from snacking on Wookie Cookies, to a Star Wars themed photo booth, make an R2-D2 craft, do some puzzles and just hang out with other Star Wars Fans.

Tickets (or shall I say buttons) for entry into the event will be available starting at 6 PM in the atrium. This event is open to all ages, so come early if you want to be part of the party

Event details: Thursday December 10th starting at 6:30 PM, tickets available starting at 6 PM!

See you @ the library I will,

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