Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Witchy Reads: Tiffany Aching Series by Terry Pratchett

Are you looking for something to read that is Halloween adjacent? I'm all for a good scary book, however sometimes I like to be able to sleep without a night light...and I do like to sleep, not stay awake all night waiting for the monsters to come.

Then I present to you a very spooky series that doesn't take it's self it too seriously: The Tiffany Aching Series by Terry Pratchett. This six book series is part of the larger Discwold series, but can be read alone, and even out of order!

Tiffany is a young witch, who doesn't often use magic. When her brother was taken away by the Queen of the Faeries it is her job to rescue them, armed with nothing but an iron pan and some of the brave Nac Mac Feegles, a tribe of blue people who live in the hillside. Over the course of 6 books she grows up, and makes all kinds of mischief, including making Winter fall in love with her, in my favorite of the series, Wintersmith.

Fans of fantasy with a bit of humor will find a lot to love is these off beat books. Tiffany is a hero, however she still makes mistakes, and always finds her way out of all sorts of trouble. Also, if you can find these in audio they are brilliant to listen to as well!

First book in the series is the Wee Free Men, so if you are looking for a book about a good kind of witch who is not quite scary, check it out!

I'll see you @ the library!

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