Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Bookish Distractions! November 8th Edition

Happy Election Day everyone! If you are 18 (or older) don't forget to vote today. Here's a link that will help you figure out where you can do that! (Don't forget in Wisconsin you can register at your polling pace, if you haven't done that yet either!)

In other bookish news, have you seen the new preview for the Series of Unfortunate Events show? I don't have Netflix yet, but this might get me one step closer to that! (Buzzfeed).

Because Harry Potter stuff never goes out of style, here is an argument for Hufflepuff being the best Hogwarts house! No matter what house you support, you got to admit Hufflepuff is kind of awesome. (MTV, FYI a bit of strong language).

 As usual, Epic Reads has an awesome list of books coming out this month, On my TBR list, The Sun is Also a Star and Scythe! Can't wait to read!

If you want more personal book reviews, check out this awesome Instagram account of what people are reading on the Subway! It has all kinds of books, and the whys behind their choices.

And finally, BookRiot has a list of 7 book we want to see on TV or in the Movies. Yes to so many of these titles!

I'll see you @ the library!

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