Thursday, December 22, 2016

Bookish Holiday Traditions

Here at the library we are all about cool traditions that deal with books and reading! Here are two really cool traditions that you could start with your friends or family:

Telling Ghost Stories: In the ye old timey days before TV, or radio, or lights people would gather round and tell scary stories on Christmas Eve. Okay, my history might be a bit off, but if you think about it, even A Christmas Carol is a bit of a Ghost Story! Here's more on this cool tradition from the Desert News.

If telling scary stories isn't your thing, what about just reading a new book and eating chocolate? Jolabokafold, or "Yule Book Flood"  is the Icelandic tradition that involves getting new books Christmas Eve, and reading them, typically in be, with chocolate! There is also catalog of books put out and sent to every home in Iceland just for this very purpose. (Read it Forward)

Looking to start a new tradition? Here's a Book Riot author who had a Booksmas celebration for her friends, so they could exchange old books for new. Christmas party and new books, sounds like a winning tradition for me!

No matter what your traditions are, make sure you read a bit this holiday season!

Happy Holidays!

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