Monday, January 16, 2017

Book Review: Scythe by Neal Shusterman

Imagine a world where there is no death. Everyone is provided for. Sure there are still rich people and poor people, but there is no disease or hunger. People age, and then turn back the clock to be younger. Families are sprawling multi-generational units, and all taken care of. There is nothing to fear.

Except the Scythes.

Citra is at home when Scythe Faraday stops by her house. He is invited to dinner, and her parents do their best to make him feel welcomed, knowing that his presence means someone will be gleaned.

Rowan is at school when he runs into Scythe Faraday, and he watches the Scythe work as he gleans one of his classmates.

Both are chosen to learn the trade, even though only one will get the role. No one should want be a Scythe, which makes both Citra and Rowan excellent candidates.  Scythe Faraday mentors both of them, teaching them how to fight, weapons and poisons.  They are not friends, but rather competition, with no one else to understand what they are going through. And then things start to get really messy.

Scythe is the first book in a planned series by Neal Shusterman, and hold on to your hats as you start this twisting and turning ride through a "perfect" world. Citra and Rowan learn about the price of their "perfect" society, and the Scythes are fearsome characters, not all as kind and reasonable as their Scythe Faraday.

Fans of books like The Giver, The Hunger Games or Uglies that take a look at the cost of a perfect society that has some cobwebs beneath it's shiny surface with love Scythe.

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