Friday, March 17, 2017

Bookish Distractions: Luck o the Irish

It's time for some Bookish Distractions this St. Patrick's Day Weekend!

Are you clever enough to figure out the book title from the visual riddle? Buzzfeed has a quiz to keep you on your toes, these aren't all new books, or YA books but anyone who pays attention to books should get most of them!

As usual, Book Riot is keeping up us to date with all the YA books coming out in paperback. With Spring Break on the horizon, these might be fun to check out.

YA history time people. Some classic teen shows are hitting major milestones this year, and the articles are coming out to support them. Go to the YA past, and check out the oral history of Daria. If you don't know who Daria is, think angsty teen girl not understood by anyone. And one of the best animated series from the 90's. (Vice)

Second lesson in YA history, the book The Outsiders is 50 years old! To many this is one of the first YA books, and is still one of the most read, most sold YA books ever. Read about the history of the book here. (Time Line)

Because we are all about history, learning and YA, here are a thoughts from YA author Lauren Oliver on why people don't take YA books seriously. (Bustle)

Libba Bray fans, check out this excerpt from the next (yes I said next) Diviners book, coming out October 3rd! (Entertainment Weekly)

Wow that's a lot. Remember, there won't be a test on this, but someday there might be a test on something you picked up here.

I'll see you @ the library!

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