Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Bookish Distractions:

I've been working on some awesome programs that we have coming up (Peeps! Summer Reading!) so I've been lax here at the blog. But I'm always looking out for awesome links for you to check out:

Most of you weren't even born when these bands hit it big, but for those of you who have a place in your heart for 90's boy bands, here it the perfect quiz from Epic Reads. (I only missed one, BTW.)

Sometimes it's a challenge to find books that are more for the "Y" part of "YA". Brightly has 50 great suggestions for 11 to 12 year old readers, or those readers not quite ready for YA. These books are found all over the library, and have something for every reader!

I am the worst at returning library books, and I'm here everyday! Book Riot is here for those of us reluctant to bring back books with, The 5 stages of overdue library books.

I love Buzzfeed quizzes and tests, and these two cracked me up. Can you figure out the title based on the really general description? I did horribly at both the "classic" and "children's" versions, and maybe you'll do a little better! (Click here for the Children's Version) (Click here for the Classic version)

Be sure to check back soon more information on our upcoming teen programs!

I'll see you @ the library!

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