Thursday, June 29, 2017

Bookish Distractions:

It's time for some random book-adjacent stuff I found on the Internets! Happy Day!

First up, Harry Potter turns 20 this year, and the celebrations are still in swing! Here is a few of the different book covers from different countries. Personally, I think the Indonesian cover is kind of cool, and Finland what's the deal? (Buzzfeed)

If you are looking for a longer read, here's an article called, "How Harry Potter Saved YA Fiction", long story short, Harry Potter made series like Twilight, Divergent and the Hunger Games possible. (Huffington Post)

Don't forget, we are going to have a very special Birthday Party for Teens and Tweens in July!

In non Harry Potter news, did you watch Pretty Little Liars? I know for fans this was a hard series to say goodbye to. For those of us who didn't follow the series, or just want to know what happened,  Buzzfeed has a summary of what happened to all of the major characters. Obligatory "Spoiler Alert" if you click!

Epic Reads continues to be Epic with their list of July YA reads. Check back next week for a few books on my TBR pile!

Finally, it's no secret that I LOVE Maggie Steifvater as a writer, and here is some of her dubious life advise that a fan illustrated, that makes me think she is pretty cool human being. It's all good advice, so check out her Tumblr!

I'll see you @ the library!

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