Monday, August 7, 2017

Book Review: Coming Up for Air by Miranda Kenneally

Maggie King is driven to succeed. It's her senior year in high school, and she is swimming towards many things, including a spot on the Cal-Berkeley swim team, and hopefully a chance to swim in the Olympic trials.

Maggie has given up a lot to be at the level she is at, and with so many goals in reach it's hard to focus on being a normal teen, until she realizes how many normal teen experiences she has missed.

Inspired by a friend's suggestion she create a high school bucket list, she decides it's time she figures out how to live life a little more outside the pool, especially when it comes to boys. So why not start with her best friend Levi?

It is easy to kiss Levi, and even though she promised to not ask for anything more. Can her friendship with Levi survive these kissing lessons? What's worse, losing Levi or losing a chance at the Olympics.

Fans of the Hundred Oaks Series should be lining up for this fun summer read, that will have you turning pages. Maggie is completely honest in her inexperience with boys, as well as what she wants, and maybe even needs. Other characters from other books pop up, so while you don't need to read the other books in the series, it helps if you have. Every summer I look forward to the new Miranda Kenneally book, and Coming Up for Air does not disappoint!

I'll see you @ the library!

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